søndag 12. september 2010

LAND & Keung Mandelbrot (UK) @ Sound of Mu

On friday 17. sept. LAND will support Keung Mandelbrot (UK) at Sound of Mu.

About Keung Mandelbrot:


2 hands, 6 strings, 18 pedals, and no overdubs. A massive pulsing noise that resonates between harmony and discord. Combining influences from David Pajo’s ‘Papa M’ project, to the density of Sunn O))’s bowel shaking sound, yet processed and shaped into the syntax and language of something altogether more electronic sounding.


Boomkat: ”...During the opening (title) cut especially, there are comparisons to be made between Mandelbrot’s scrappy, pedal-driven DSP action and early Fennesz recordings, often bringing to mind the glory days of Fennesz’s ‘Hotel Paral.lel’. Certainly at various points you’ll be struck by the early-days-of-Mego vibes emanating from your speakers – the fluctuation between surges of noise and more tranquilized drone passages works splendidly.”

The Milk Factory: ”...guitar drones, treated distorted guitars and ethereal string work. There are echoes of My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and to a lesser extent, Godspeed You! Black Emperor in these pieces, but Mandelbrot’s work remains truly individual.”

Alternative Ulster: ”...a complex hybrid of Constellation-style post-rock and epic shoegazing. Guitars are plucked quietly then forced through a phalanx of effects pedals; strings swell behind crashing percussion; layers of drones, samples and echoes fold in on themselves and then explode into swirling colour. The combination of psychedelic influences and chaotic volume lend this an edginess and vitality all its own.”

Textura: ”...Mandelbrot weighs in with an incredible monolith, the fourteen-minute “Effect/Delay,” that begins with a grinding distorted mass that slowly escalates into a seething maelstrom of feedback. Eight minutes in, the noise abruptly stops except for a high-pitched, flickering tone that earmarks the piece’s shift into the glacial noise-drenched crawl of its second section.”


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